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Hunter's Signature BBQ Ribs Sauce & Rub

Updated: May 14

The Best BBQ Sauce, Marinade & Rub for Ribs!

  1. While cleaning your spare ribs, (Only an option: take off the membrane on the back of the ribs w/ the back flap)

  2. Marinate your ribs for 2 hours to overnight using the “Country Boy” Sauce

  3. Take ribs out of marinade and grill/smoke until 50% ready (Grill temperature 300-325 degrees – Smoke temperature 225-275 degrees

  4. Take ribs off the heat and rub both sides with olive oil (so that the seasoning can stick)

  5. Season well both sides of the ribs with the “Smoked Rub”

  6. Place ribs back on meat & finish cooking until ready

  7. Take off of heat and let rest for 8-10 minutes

  8. Cut the ribs & Bon Appetit

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